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Cycling in Runcorn

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Why on earth construct a hump for cyclists to ride though the bus stop then merge with the virtually traffic free busway immediately afterwards - rather than simply join the busway just before?

Narrow 2-way bollarded cycle lane - with right angle turn.

Absurdly narrow 2-way bollarded cycle lane gives way at a side road

Absurdly narrow 2-way cycleway.

This very narrow convoluted cycle lane is actually intended for 2-way use!

Covid lane has been made permanent. Unfortunately, so has the daft priority marking.

COVID popup lane now made permanent - complete with the daft priority reversal.

Covid cycleway in Runcorn now made permanent. The bollards still obstruct the entrance, but you can at least get into it now.

Priorities now changed on the covid popup cycle lane in Runcorn - it wouldn't do to have proper traffic give way to mere cyclists. UPDATE 2021: lane has now been made permanent #174697 - complete with the reversed priority!

Convoluted kink on the covid popup cycleway. Update - October 2021: Now made permanent: #174699 but no more thought put into the design

Give way markings have appeared on the absurdly narrow 2-way covid popup cycleway.

OK, so it is a good thing that Halton Council have allowed cyclists to use the Runcorn busway. But, why on earth construct this special speed bump for cyclists to ride though the queuing passengers rather than just simply keep to the virtua ... [more]

A short narrow cycle facility featuring assorted barriers and cones, give way markings at each end and a right angle turn. What on earth were the designers thinking about?

Give Way markings have appeared on the covid popup lane in Runcorn UPDATE October 2021: The lane has now been made permanent: #174698 complete with the daft give way markings.

Two Cyclists Dismount signs connected by an awkward barrier.

Signs for both segregated and unsegregated shared use; they can't both be correct!

cycleway degenerates into a shared use pavement once you are over the bridge.

Cycleway over the recently reopened Silver Jubilee Bridge between Runcorn and Widnes.

Carrageway reallocated to create a cycleway across the bridge, while pedestrians use the old narrow footway. I'm not sure what the "End of Route" sign is about.

I think this means they want us to ride on the pavement.

The Bridge has finally reopened. After a gap of over three years you can now legally ride from Runcorn to Widnes - and bicycles don't have to pay the toll.

What bright spark thought it would be remotely sensible to force cyclists to perform a tight swerve on a narrow tow-path, inches away from the edge of the canal.

cyclists can ride on the busway as far as the roundabout, but no further. Why?

Cyclists can ride on the busway this far but no further. Why?

Runcorn busway. cyclists now allowed to use this stretch during daylight hours - but only as far as the roundabout where all other exits are prohibited for cyclists: #151147 , #151148 Presumably cyclists are expected to turn round and come ... [more]

Runcorn busway - virtually traffic free roads which make for an ideal cycling environment. Unfortunately cyclists are prohibited from most of them, but as a response to the pandemic cyclists are allowed to ride along this stretch, but only ... [more]

Cyclists allowed to use part of the Runcorn busway part of the time.

Sign advising motorists to give way when crossing the popup cycle lane. UPDATE March 2021: Priorities have now been reversed #164709 UPDATE October 2021: Facility has been made permanent - complete with the reversed priorities: #17469 ... [more]

Covid 19 popup cycle lane - How do you get into it? UPDATE 2021: the popup lane has been made permanent: #174696 It now has posts which you can ride though to access the lane.

Popup cycle lane - rather narrow for a 2-way use. UPDATE - October 2021: Now made permanent, but still; just as narrow: #174700

Covid 19 popup cycleway route sign

The good news: As a response to the pandemic cyclists now allowed to ride on this Runcorn busway. The bad news: but only a small part of the network and only during the daylight - which is going to make it less useful now that the days are ... [more]

Cyclists Dismount sign illustrates just how poor the new cycleway design is. Totally unnecessary since the adjacent busway only takes 4 buses per hour - if only cyclists were allowed to use it.

Narrow shared use pavement passes through a bus shelter

Dropped kerb needed on link between Runcorn Loop Cycleway and disused busway.

It seems that someone is annoyed that cyclists are avoiding the stupid barriers placed here.

Although not yet complete the new road layout and protected cycleway is looking very good.

An interesting little underpass. Bollards to keep cars out.

New asphalt surface approaching the Mersey Gateway bridge, before you cross the canal.

New asphalt surface beneath the Mersey Gateway bridge. Unfortunately the asphalt is ONLY beneath the bridge, the rest is compacted.

New asphalt surface beneath the Mersey Gateway bridge. Unfortunately the asphalt is ONLY beneath the bridge, the rest is compacted.

Bollards prevent motor access through the decks - while not hindering cyclists.

TWO years on and there is still no way to cycle from Runcorn to Widnes during weekdays.Work has overrun on the old bridge and cycling is prohibited on the new one - #103166 Update 2021: the bridge has finally reopened #164613 so you can ... [more]

The tarmac finishes here

Sign directs the Bridgewater Way onto the right hand fork - which leads to some steps #88334. It is far more sensible to keep to the newly tarmacked towpath.

surface transition #54455 now fixed, with a tarmac surface under the bridge

Surface transition has been improved since #85012

Bridgewater Way (RCN 82)

New surface on Bridgewater Way (RCN 82)

Bridgewater Way (RCN 82) now with tarmac surface

Bridgewater Way (RCN 82)

New tarmac surface on Bridgewater Way. Not as smooth as it should be but a great improvement of the muddy towpath. #88161

It's annoying but not surprising that a multi-million pound high-level bridge can be built across an estuary in only 3 years, but a simple cycle lane takes even longer. Cyclists have to take a diversion around busy roads to bypass this clo ... [more]

This photo, looking south toward the bridge, gives an idea of how much space is being taken away from the carriageway and given to cyclists. The bridge is currently only open on weekends - on weekdays you must use a free bus service to cro ... [more]

New shared crossing facility on the north side of the Silver Jubilee Bridge. When the road is opened, this will allow pedestrians and cyclists to cross the road and continue on toward Ditton Road in safety. The path on the right takes you ... [more]


Wide smooth tarmac cyclway - could do with direct access to the Heath school.


Tiny Sustrans sign directs you to a left turn ahead - if you notice it!

Path that sign #103365 point to - I'm not sure it is meant to be a cycleway.

Route sign - points down a narrow mud path down an earth bank #103366

Sustrans route sign on link from NCN 5 to NCN 562 in Runcorn - blink and you'd miss it. Also the direction is for route 562 not 62.

Council vehicle sweeping leaves from the Runcorn Loop cycleway

cycle bridge crossing the expressway slip road

Cycleway alongside Weston Point Expressway.

cycleway threading its way through a major junction on the Weston Point Expressway (A557). The zig-zag ramp heads up to the bridge on the right.

route sign

route sign

route sign

Route sign

Route Sign

Route sign. Either the arrow to Clifton is pointing in the wrong direction or the next sign is missing. You need to head along the road straight on (Grangeway) or turn left the immediately right on to the parallel service road (Whitchurch W ... [more]

Route Sign on Runcorn loop cycleway. (Pedestrian crossing #90774 now upgraded to a toucan.)

Route Sign

Runcorn loop cycleway


Route continuity indicated by arrows on the pavement.

Route Sign

Cycleway crosses Bridgewater Canal

route sign

strange "END" sign painted on the road. The road ends here for cars, but the cycleway continues over the canal bridge.

route sign

route sign

route sign

route sign

route sign

rubbish shared use pavement - with a green box


route sign

route sign

shared use pavement loses priority at side road

route sign

cycle bridge

Cycle bridge across the Central Expressway

Cyclist crossing the bridge over the Central Expressway in Runcorn.

Decent off the cycle bridge. The spiral ramp is a tad steep and narrow, but rideable with care.

Cycle bridge across Runcorn's Central Expressway with a spiral ramp.

Motorists may whinge about the toll, but at least they are actually permitted to use the Mersey Gateway bridge.

Cycleway goes up steps!

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