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Photo listing: cycleways (problem)

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This listing only shows photos within Runcorn.
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No drop kerb for cyclists or pedestrians when meeting the end of the shared use path, shallower kerb around corner but puts you requiring a 180° turn on a blind corner to match carriageway direction

Improve the towpath to avoid the narrow bridge between the swing bridge and the boathouse on Cholmondeley Road

Why on earth construct a hump for cyclists to ride though the bus stop then merge with the virtually traffic free busway immediately afterwards - rather than simply join the busway just before?

Narrow 2-way bollarded cycle lane - with right angle turn.

Absurdly narrow 2-way bollarded cycle lane gives way at a side road

Absurdly narrow 2-way cycleway.

This very narrow convoluted cycle lane is actually intended for 2-way use!

Covid lane has been made permanent. Unfortunately, so has the daft priority marking.

COVID popup lane now made permanent - complete with the daft priority reversal.

Priorities now changed on the covid popup cycle lane in Runcorn - it wouldn't do to have proper traffic give way to mere cyclists. UPDATE 2021: lane has now been made permanent #174697 - complete with the reversed priority!

Convoluted kink on the covid popup cycleway. Update - October 2021: Now made permanent: #174699 but no more thought put into the design

Give way markings have appeared on the absurdly narrow 2-way covid popup cycleway.

OK, so it is a good thing that Halton Council have allowed cyclists to use the Runcorn busway. But, why on earth construct this special speed bump for cyclists to ride though the queuing passengers rather than just simply keep to the … [more]

A short narrow cycle facility featuring assorted barriers and cones, give way markings at each end and a right angle turn. What on earth were the designers thinking about?

Give Way markings have appeared on the covid popup lane in Runcorn UPDATE October 2021: The lane has now been made permanent: #174698 complete with the daft give way markings.

Two Cyclists Dismount signs connected by an awkward barrier.

Cycleway is needed along Birchfield Road, Highfield Road, Liverpool Road for the kids to be able to cycle to school. It's currently not safe to do so and congestion is bad in the area around school opening and closing.

The cycle pathway comes to an abrupt stop forcing cyclists to join the main road for 100 metres and then rejoin the pathway - this is for pedestrians as well. It's very dangerous especially in the winter.

The new cycle path is great, from Clifton Road, Mormon church, to the M56 roundabouts, heading to Frodsham. However at this point, the path becomes narrow, muddy. Potholed and overgrown. It would be nice to see this cycle path carry on to … [more]

It is good that cycling is now permitted on the busway. But, why is it limited to daylighht hours only ? This will make it much less useful in the winter months. And why just this one busway?

Covid 19 popup cycle lane - How do you get into it? UPDATE 2021: the popup lane has been made permanent: #174696 It now has posts which you can ride though to access the lane.

Popup cycle lane - rather narrow for a 2-way use. UPDATE - October 2021: Now made permanent, but still; just as narrow: #174700

Fiddlers Ferry Road has ample space via the grass verge to incorporate a cycle path. The road at present is highly dangerous to cyclists, cars find it difficult to pass a cyclist safely.

Narrow shared use pavement passes through a bus shelter

Dropped kerb needed on link between Runcorn Loop Cycleway and disused busway.

Path is too narrow for under the railway bridge, had too many close encounters with vehicles coming too close to the curb

Contraflow cycle lane on to Waterloo bridge to link Bridgewater Canal with Station Quarter development and Picow Farm Road employment areas. Limit vehicular traffic over Waterloo Bridge to buses and cycles; vehicles will be able to use the … [more]

Junction from town centre to West Bank, Silver Jubilee Bridge for Runcorn, employment areas and TPT. The lights crossing Ashley Way when travelling along Victoria Road do not recognise bikes: you end up waiting for vehicular traffic.

Busy road, with plenty of scope for additional cycle lanes to be built for commuters to use between residential areas and industrial areas.

Overhanging vegetation at eye height needs cutting back, paved surface narrow and encroached by grass

Cycling along this route has become increasingly dangerous on the road. Due to the narrow road and on road parking. Can the extra pavement on Shakespeare road side be split in to a two way cycle lane? This would just need marking.

A cycleway from deacon road (starting at Albert road) through Leigh avenue and Liverpool road finishing at Hugh Green Train station would be great for local residents travelling to the town centre and commuters from outside of the town. … [more]

Busy road, there is room for a cycleway

There's already an existing route from Wiggs Island all the way to Warrington that then links with the Trans Pennine Trail but the path at Wiggs Island and next to Moore Nature Reserve is in very poor condition with many pot holes making it … [more]

Add cone/kerb/stick separated cycle path

Improve crossings from Norland Lane cycle route to Prescot to B5419 South towards Widnes town centre

Victoria Road needs a protected cycle lane. It is a wide road but with heavy HGV traffic. Key cycle route linking Widnes to Runcorn via old bridge.

Traffic lights from Clifton Road towards Moughland Lane do not recognise cyclists. Choice is to wait for a car to trigger the lights or go through on red. Both unsafe.

Cycling should be permitted on the Mersey Gateway Bridge. Narrow footway on the old bridge makes it unsafe to use during the pandemic.

Unlit path. Dangerous in dark to avoid pedestrians with dark clothing and loose dogs

Underpass leads to nowhere.

The walkway on the bridge is very narrow. The full width of the bridge needs to be opened urgently.

Useless shared path. Too narrow

Cycle path ends without any alternative route other than crossing a busy main road

Dangerous crossing. Very narrow path with limited view crossing across a busy industrial estate junction

Dangerous camber on path. Deadly when icy or wet leaves. present, leading to a fast decent with a blind bend at bottom

Extremely dangerous crossing for cyclists and pedestrians. Road changed to a sweeping bend for traffic going left, , Causing a fast blind bend just before cyclists and pedestrian crossing

This section of Derby Road is currently dangerous for cyclists. The new Housing Estates and the Aldi superstore have increased traffic joining and leaving the road at new junctions. This section is currently undergoing drainage works so the … [more]

Reinstatement of the on road cycleway with proper lines and sign age. This is an important link between Widnes and the newly built housing estates off Paige Lane and the TransPennine Trail which links to Warrington and Liverpool.

Cycle / pedestrian entrance to Cronton College site. Currently cycle lanes to the roundabout are good but then vanish just where the traffic is the worst during commuter times.

On road cycle way the full length of Birchfield Road to link the Norlands Lane route to the existing Birchfield road cycle lanes

On road cycleway in BOTH directions needed. Road is wide and cars drive faster than speed limit and often too close to cyclists.

There is no cycle lane and the speed limit here is 50mph, though cars go much quicker than that. Recently the wide road has had chevrons put in the middle. This restricts the lanes dramatically leaving cyclists in more danger. There is no … [more]

The council used the new Bridge money in 2017/18 to improve this road. It ended up the same as it was with no cycle lane. The chance was there to put one in and they catered for only cars

The length of Peelhouse Lane needs a protected cycle way or shared cycle/pedestrian path. It is a through road with lots of traffic that goes faster than is safe, lots of junctions, and a few irritable and aggressive home owners who seem … [more]

On-road cycle lane ends here

On-road cycle path ends here

The tarmac finishes here

rubbish shared use pavement - with a green box

shared use pavement loses priority at side road

Cycleway goes up steps!

cycleway yields priority to a side road.

Cycleway switches from one side of the road to the other with no assistance to cross.

Cycleway yields priority to a side road.

Cycleway to Norton Priory starts on the right hand side of the wall. Completely unsigned - you would never find it if you didn't know about it.

NCN 562 is routed directly in front of the shops. Not really an appropriate place for cycling.

cycleway is diverted up a service road then crosses via tight right-angle turns with no priority.

cycleway crosses car park entrance

cycleway gives way to access drive

cycleway gives way to access road

cycle path gives way to access drive

Runcorn Loop cycleway is narrow and becoming obstructed by vegetation.

Runcorn Loop cycleway yeilds priority at a side road.

Runcorn Loop cycleway is signed along this short narrow unsurfaced path.

Unprotected crossing of entrance slip road to Bridgewater Expressway. Traffic turns off Astmoor Road at speed.

End of Runcorn Promonade cycleway - no dropped kerb to join the road.

NCN562 crosses the extremely busy exit ramp from the Queensway Bridge with no protection whatsoever. UPDATE 2021: The road has now been reconfigured as a standard two lane bi-directional road subject to a 30mph speed limit with the vast … [more]

The Runcorn Loop Cycleway crosses Heath Road here. The central island is too narrow for cyclists to stop and creates a pinch point for cyclists riding on the road.

Bridgewater Way (RCN 82) goes up these steps to merge with the Runcorn Loop Cycleway - and then follows a ramp back down to the canal. It is much more sensible to keep to the tow path.

Very muddy surface on this stretch of the Bridgewater Way (RCN 82) Update 2019: this stretch has now been surfaced - see: #110394

Steps - not the ideal choice of route for the Runcorn Loop Cycleway.

Cycleway gives way to office entrance - give way markings have been buried unded tactile paving.

cycle path gives way to office entrance.

Cycle Route ends - and drops of a newly installed full height kerb.

tiny cycle lane - narrower than the sign!

cycleway gives way to minor access

No signal head for cyclists or pedestrians crossing this three lane exit slip road from the M56. There is very limited visibility of approaching traffic due to the bend. I thinnk the Mid-Mersy Cycle Path just ends here. There are no signs … [more]

Unprotected crossing of a high speed two-lane exit slip road.

No signal head for cyclists where the cycle path crosses three lanes of traffic.This could leave you half way across just as the lights change to green.

Cycleway running parallel to main road yields priority to a country lane.

Cycle path interrupted by Keckwick Lane even though it is only the last couple of metres before the blocked end of the road.

Crossing at junction with Daresbury Expressway involve four separate stages with convolulted passages through cattle pens. Each push button requires you to wait for a complete cycle of the lights even if the crossing traffic is held on red … [more]

Drivers turning right from the dual carriageway to enter the dental academy are given no signs or markings to indicate that they are crossing a cyclepath. Their attendion understandably will be on identifying a gap in oncoming traffic so … [more]

Kerbed gap in cycleway where it crosses field entrance. Is this the boundary between Warrington and Halton perhaps?

Another Cyclists Dismount sign.

Cyclists Dismount. Why here, rather than slightly further along, say?

Although a wheeling ramp has been provided, there appears to be room for the steps up from the cycleway to be replaced by a ramp.

Nice bridge over Ditton Brook, shame about the stairs at the other side!

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